Welcome to OEQUAL

OEQUAL is an IT(Information Technology) based company.

Thanks for visiting our site. Due to heavy burden, work load and some confidential projects we are not able to share our work portfolio. If you are interested to hire us or for any other purpose please fill up form with your requirements. We will contact you ASAP, if we are interested. We definately gonna work on fresh idea & new concept.

What comes before monday?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's up with this website anyway?
    Well, it's straight forward and clear. We like it. Something is coming up and we are busy with that.
  2. I think you don't have portfolio. If so, then where it is? Show me.
    Please leave us message. Are you a local? Please come to our office straight away.
  3. I want to join your team. How can I do that?
    Please send us your request and we will arrange interview ASAP.
  4. What kind of work you do?
    We are working with web technology.